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Elodie Torrente

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“You really need to give yourself a total break, my dear. Why not try the sea spa at Trouville? It would be perfect for you. They do thalassotherapy, there’s a spa and a Michelin ... [+]

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How did they first meet? It was by the revolving door, on the beach side. It was like a scene straight out of a Lelouch film. As a person who hums shoobedoobedoo every time I come into our dear ... [+]

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Granny Vitamin, everybody knew her at the Gare du Nord. You couldn’t miss her. She looked amazing. Dresses with bright coloured flowers or patterns in the summer, coats and colourful boots in ... [+]

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“The main thing in life is the people you meet on the way.” The voice of the presenter was declaiming this maxim on the radio when, that morning, a pretty little brunette with a generous ... [+]

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“The last time I saw Marie was at the end of the afternoon, yesterday, in the office we’ve been sharing for five years. She was more excited than she had ever been. She had been preparing for ... [+]

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They abandoned me after Edgard’s death. They left me for almost dead, there, in my armchair, waiting for day to turn to night, watching out for the visiting nurses who passed through morning and... [+]

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